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The Chronicles of Gaya

June 7, 2021 7:32 am | Commodore News

The Chronicles of Gaya is a platform adventure game. The protagonist Atherius is the chosen one of the land of Gaya, during the adventure he will have to overcome numerous pitfalls and fight body to body with fearsome opponents to end the tyranny of Zedh and free Gaya. Zahira, the name of the sword held by Atherius, means she who protects. only Zahira can defeat the demons and recover the crystals of the lost land. You will have to collect all the magical gems scattered in the 7 worlds of Gaya, collect them all to open the portals that unite the worlds. Hundreds of enemies await you and evil pitfalls lurk in the wastelands, defeat end-of-level bosses and free Gaya using the magic sword.

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